As the sun sets in Abu Dhabi the gasworld team celebrates a memorable day of speeches.

After an exhilarating morning session, followed by a beautiful lunch sponsored by Gulf Cryo, the afternoon speeches also lived up to high expectations.

Lydall’s Nicolas Pezzano, Savir Julka, of Inox India, and Jan Van Houwenhove, of VRV, all gave stimulating presentations.

Chaired by Neil Amber of UIG, the ‘Cryogenic Operational Challenges’ session gave delegates technical information on the logistics of cryogenically storing and transporting gases.

The three afternoon speakers looked at the various technologies and methods involved in the storage of cryogenic liquid, and the process of getting the product to the end-user as efficiency as possible.

Nicolas Pezzano, of Lydall, discussed the controlling of cryogenic temperatures, looking at heat transfer processes which can affect the temperature of the cryogen.

He said that radiation, convection and conduction can all increase the temperature of the gas inside the container, causing it to ‘gasify’, but offered a range of solutions to combat this effect.

Savir Julka, of Inox India, which sponsored last night’s cocktail party, took the stage to discuss the safety aspect of dealing with cryogenic liquid.

“Safety is a very vast topic so I have attempted to summarise various aspects – safe design, manufacturing, safe handling and shipping, installation and commissioning, and operation and maintenance,” he began.

“For Safe design, look at safety devices on the outer jacket, code and type, and safety on the pipe insulated tanks, design of piping layout – ergonomic and safe operations, tags, vent outlets, and ensure there are no sharp edges or ends,” he continued.

Jan Van Houwenhove, Sales and Marketing Director of the Cryogenic Division of the VRV Group, looked at the economics of cryogenic bulk delivery.

“The transporting of industrial gases is the second largest cost for an industrial gas company,” he started.

“On-site production units and pipeline delivery is the most efficient way of bringing the industrial gas molecules to the customer, but the use of mobile equipment for the delivery of industrial gases remains however the most popular method.”

He added, “It is in the field of liquid transport that the VRV Group is constantly looking for improvements.”

He outlined the parameters to work from when making the choice of transport for the end-user, highlighting factors such as the volume that the end-user needs on a per-year basis, the pressure that the end-user needs, and the distance from the end-user to the source of cryogenic liquid.

He then weighed up the benefits and drawbacks of pressure decanting and pump decanting.

The delegates will now discuss and debate the day’s events over a formal cocktail party and Gala Dinner, sponsored by Elixier.

Worried you’re missing the action? If you can’t be at the event this time around you can get all the latest updates and developments via the gasworld website; click on the Conference Live link to get the latest blogs, tweets and pictures direct from Abu Dhabi.