Air Liquide has commissioned a new high-pressure and high-purity gaseous oxygen production unit in Italy. The facility was installed in Castelnuovo del Garda, near Verona, where the company already operates another Air Separation Unit.
The new addition will bring the total production capacity to 1,200 tonnes of oxygen per day and has cost the firm approximately €40 mn.
Augustin de Roubin, Vice President for Southern and Eastern Europe commented, “The decision to invest in a new production unit in Italy, in a strategic industrial area for Group activities, demonstrated our will to develop in this country. With 12 production units installed in the region and more than €100 million invested in Italy over the past 5 years, Air Liquide intends to support the development of its customers and consolidate its leadership in Italy.$quot;

Air Liquide hopes to meet the increasing demand from its customers, who are connected to the 700km long pipeline network that extends into Po Valley, between Genoa and Padua. The network supplies the steelmaker Arvedi, located in Cremona, as well as many customers in northern Italy.

The new facility is a standardized, “YangO₂ unit” and was designed and built by Air Liquide Hangzhou Air Liquide’s Engineering & Construction centre in China. Furthermore it is the first unit of its kind to be installed in Europe.