The Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2015 is getting underway in Budapest, Hungary, seeking to address the challenges and opportunities ahead in this diverse market.

Around 140 delegates from 25 countries have gathered at the Flamenco Hotel in Budapest for the event, highlighting the significance of the region to local and international companies alike.

The conference is gasworld’s first pan-European conference and builds upon its previous Eastern Europe Industrial Gas Conference in Kiev, Ukraine in 2010. While the focus five years ago was the opportunities ahead in the emerging Eastern Europe market, the next two days will throw the spotlight on the challenges – and prospects – in the wider European market.

The event comes at a key time for the European gases industry. On the one hand, Europe is divided: by two industrial gas markets at distinctly different stages of development. On the other, the region is united: in its quest for growth and profitability.

Europe has also been gripped by well-documented economic and political uncertainty of late, leading to low growth and investment difficulties.

Over the course of the two-day conference, a packed programme of speakers will explore how the gases industry can stimulate growth and improve performance in Europe, under the theme: Two Markets, One Goal.


A range of esteemed figures within the industry will be sharing their insights during day one of the conference, including:

  • Kent Masters, Amec Foster Wheeler
  • Peter Mackey, Exane BNP Paribas Chemicals
  • John Raquet and James Barr, gasworld Business Intelligence
  • Mark Lostak, Air Liquide

Budapest stage

Source: gasworld

gasworld founder and CEO John Raquet opened the conference and welcomed, “Ladies, gentleman, friends, fellow Europeans, and fellow globetrotters – we wish you a very warm welcome to the Europe Industrial Gas Conference, our first truly European conference. And welcome to Budapest - thankfully it’s been a seasonally warm welcome in the last few days.”

“I would like to personally thank you for coming to the conference and for travelling from various parts of the world, from as far as Australia, US, China and even Africa.”

“Most of you will have noticed over the last three or four years, the European market has been relatively sluggish,” he added. ”There are two markets and we separate these into the traditional East and West markets, and they are two distinct markets. What we wanted to do was have the opportunity to hear from people, hear their insights, and hear how your companies are going to grow the market.”

”So we have some industry speakers, and we also have guest speakers from outside of the industry. It’s important that we’re not just inward-thinking, it’s important that we have views and analysis from outside of the industry and what perspective they have of our industry.”


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