Taking Europe-wide green and low carbon hydrogen (H2) Guarantees of Origin (GO) to the next level, from concept to implementation, is the objective of the CertifHy project.

A GO labels the origin of a product and provides information to customers on the source of their products. It operates as a tracking system ensuring the quality of a product such as H2.

Undertaken by a consortium led by Hinicio, composed of ECN, GREXEL, Ludwig Bölkow System Technik (LBST), and TÜV SÜD, and financed by the FCH 2 JU, the project will this month launch the first Green H2 Guarantee of Origins (GOs) that will be available for sale EU-wide. 

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Source: CertifHy

Between 2014 and 2016, the CertifHy project brought together multiple stakeholders to develop a common European-wide definition of Green H2 develop a H2 GO scheme deployable across Europe and a roadmap for its implementation.

The project’s aim is to create the path forward for a concrete and actionable GO scheme with a pilot demonstration of the H2 GO scheme and the creation of a Stakeholder Platform to give the scheme its legitimacy. The project will define the scheme’s governance, as well as its processes and procedures over the entire GO life cycle: from auditing H2 production plants, certification of Green or Low Carbon H2 production batches, through issuing, trading to ‘usage’ of GOs.

CertifHy GOs provide information of the source of the product to the customers and allow H2 users to track the origin of the product.

Four H2 producers including the industrial gas companies Air Liquide and Air Products, the chemical company Akzo Nobel, Air Products, the retailer Colruyt Group and the energy utility Uniper will have their production batches audited during this pilot. The corresponding GOs will be up for trade in April 2018.