First Helium will this quarter (Q2) drill two prospective helium targets in Worsley Property, located in Alberta, Canada.

The helium exploration company on Wednesday (17th May) unveiled its ambitions as part of its plan to target potential natural gas accumulations, which are expected to contain commercial quantities of helium and natural gas.

It is hoped helium content ranges from 0.5% to 1.9% will be discovered by First Helium.

Ed Bereznicki, President and CEO of First Helium, said, “We are excited to be returning to the field to drill two select helium targets from our large inventory of potential helium and oil drill prospects identified on the Worsley Property. Strong cash flow from our successful oil operations will help fund the summer drilling programme.”

“With attractive near to mid-term helium and natural gas pricing indications, we are focusing our efforts on adding additional helium volumes to our successful 15-25 helium discovery well and plan to begin producing as soon as possible.”

First Helium owns 79,000 acres along the Worsley Trend, a highly prospective locations for both helium and natural gas. The Worsley area’s proximity to the Precambrian basement makes it a very attractive location for exploration.

In addition to announcing its drill plans, First Helium on Wednesday (17th May) said that it will soon provide an update on bring the 15-25 helium well into production.