Canada’s first ever hydrogen fuel cell sailboat has been unveiled to the world, a completely green sailing machine that completed its first successful voyage late this summer.

The prototype’s creator, Jim Harrington, equipped the sailboat with a 300-watt Horizon fuel cell system with the hydrogen supplied by NRC in Vancouver and the only by-products of the operating fuel cell being heat and water.

“This is history being made. It is that significant,” commented Harrington.

Noting that Canadians are on the brink of a hydrogen revolution, Harrington said, “Every so often in history, there’s a convergence of where technology and the supply of parts necessary to start a new age occurs.”

Harrington’s early calculations suggested the sailboat could reach 6 knots under fuel cell power, but his tests revealed a top speed of just 1.5 knots. Future tests will incorporate larger fuel cells.

Harrington is working with iGreen Technologies to develop more fuel cell technology products and it is thought that one of their plans is to put together fuel cell kits priced at $4,500.