In a first for Japan, Iwatani Corporation has opened several hydrogen (H2) refuelling stations which are linked to the nationwide convenience stores, Seven-Eleven.

In conjunction with Seven-Eleven Japan Co, Ltd., the Japanese industrial gas company opened the first stations in Ikegami in Tokyo’s Ota-ku and Kariya-shi in Aichi Prefacture on 12th February 2016.

Both stations utilise an off-site liquefied H2 supply and have a supply capacity of 300Nm3/h, making them capable of fully filling six vehicles per hour.

Facilities at the sites include H2 compressors, which are manufactured by German industrial gas giant Linde, as well as liquefied H2 tanks, accumulators and dispensers.

As part of this latest initiative, the North Pacific rim organisation is building and operating multiple H2 refuelling stations and manufacturing plants throughout the country, and recently installed a refuelling station into Kansai International Airport – another first for Japan.