Rotarex, a Luxembourg-based gas control equipment innovator, has manufactured the first integrated valves designed specifically for calibration gas applications.

Ideally suited for sensitive lab environments, the Flowcal and Ducal are fully compatible with all non-corrosive pure calibration gases, as well as gas mixtures that contain corrosive elements.

Rotarex flowcal ducal valves calibration gas stainless steel

Both valves integrate multiple functions into a single unit, which eliminates the need for separate components and connectors, which in turn reduces leak points and improves safety and accuracy.

Flowcal is the first stainless steel integrated valve that is fully compatible for aggressive and corrosive gas mixes. It combines a quarter turn shut off valve with a pressure regulator, flow sector, pressure gauge, filling port and safety relief valve, and when installed directly onto a cylinder it reduces pressure and enables flow management.

Flowcal regulates flow through a dial selector with 11 calibrated orifices, piston technology with an O-ring pressure regulator, and a quarter turn valve hand wheel that enables a direct seal diaphragm shut-off valve.

The second of the new introductions, Ducal, is the first stainless steel integrated valve and pressure regulator that ensures compatibility with calibration gas. It contains a high precision pressure regulator that delivers a low irregularity factor of just 7%. 

Its continuous flow allows Ducal to operate with all calibration gas mixtures and is available for most taper and parallel threaded cylinders.