The first seminar update on the technical standards of medicinal gases has taken place in South America, bringing together those involved in the field of medical gases and products and hosted in part by Chile’s Indura Medical.

This initiative focuses on teaching practices, certification and quality of facilities, and the gas services that company’s such as Indura provide to hospitals and the health sector, a subject in which Indura has vast experience with large projects such as the Military Hospital of Santiago.

The workshop brought together various activities which included a visit to the facilities of MADECO to observe the topic of copper pipes and its processes, the plant ASU Granary and the showroom of Indura Medical, showcasing the operations of Network Gas equipment with high-quality certifications and technical support.

Indura stated the aim of the event as being ‘to train and bring some agents involved in the fields of medicinal network projects in health facilities like hospitals, health services, Ministry of Health.’

Don Cesar Palomares, Representative of the Health Service South East Metropolitan Hospital Sótero del Río said, “This seminar was excellent, mainly because we saw the work you do at Indura to deliver a quality service in this area. The challenge is to continue with these skills to further improve steadily, because the main concept here is that we work with these patients and, they need the best care ever.”

Also, Indura reports that in a simple but significant ceremony, it inaugurated the first InduraMarket in Argentina, established as a major new distribution channel through which the company aims to reach all customers, who need to directly access its products and services.

The inauguration ceremony was performed in late December, at the units location in Buenos Aires, with a number of guests in attendance including Jose Armando Franzosi, General Manager of Indura in Argentina and potential customers in the area.