Plans have been unveiled to build what is claimed to be the world’s first net-zero natural gas-fired power plants in Colorado and Illinois, US.

Source: 8 Rivers

Decatur, Illinois

Investment firm 8 Rivers Capital, LLC and Chicago-based agriculture giant ADM have agreed in principle to locate the Broadwing facility adjacent to ADM’s processing complex in Decatur, Illinois, storing captured carbon safely a mile and a half underground via ADM’s proven carbon capture and storage system.

The Broadwing Clean Energy Complex will generate 280 MW of clean power to help decarbonise the industrial, transport, and electricity sectors. 8 Rivers, through its Zero Degrees development business, aims to reach a final investment decision in 2022 and begin operations by 2025.

Durham, North Carolina-based 8 Rivers and The Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund (SUGF) have also combined to develop the Coyote Clean Power Project, locating one of the world’s first zero-emissions NET Power natural gas-fired power plants within the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado.

The Coyote Clean Power Project will produce 280 MW of clean power 24/7, while capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2). 8 Rivers, through its Zero Degrees development business, and the SUGF plan to design and construct a NET Power plant over the next five years. The Coyote Clean Power Project will be fueled with natural gas while capturing all emissions associated with combusting gas.

“The Coyote Clean Power Project’s affordable delivery of zero emissions power is unprecedented, and the project is a model for future deployments of this critical decarbonisation tool,” said, Damian Beauchamp, President at 8 Rivers and Board Member of NET Power, a Durham, North Carolina-based startup.

The NET Power system utilises the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, combusting natural gas with oxygen, as opposed to air, and uses supercritical carbon dioxide as a working fluid to drive a turbine instead of steam. This eliminates all air emissions, including traditional pollutants and CO2, and inherently produces pipeline-quality CO2 that can be sequestered, all while operating at competitive cost and efficiency to traditional gas power plants.

The Broadwing Clean Energy Complex would potentially create over a thousand direct and indirect jobs during construction along with approximately two dozen jobs for operation of the facility, according to a press release. The Allam-Fetvedt Cycle power plant has the potential to displace over 1 million tons of CO2 per year emitted from existing coal and gas plants, while itself emitting no air pollutants, accelerating the path to 100% clean power in Illinois and across the world.