At the end of last year, Oxymat’s partner CO-MED di Paolo Colombo, installed an oxygen (O2) gas generator at the hospital L’Ospedale di Venaria Reale, situated in the Province of Turin, Italy.

The installation is a complete PSA line, which will provide the minimum 93 % pure O2 to the hospital distribution network. The system is approved and certified as a medical O2 production unit according to the European Pharmacopoeia.

The generator is undergoing a test phase and is currently supplying 33 beds. Before the PSA installation the hospital used cylinders, which takes a lot of man hours to handle and is extremely expensive.

The PSA O2 generator is controlled on-site but also remotely. The technical manager of the hospital can view all data from the PSA on their personal computer. Pressure and purity is among the parameters, which is shown remotely as well as any small production variations. Warnings regarding service of filters, pressure drop or purity failure will be shown as well.

In case of power failure, the backup systems will automatically set in. A manifold will allow a second source – a cylinder or liquid O2 backup – to step in and supply the hospital. All valves are permanently open and no mechanical nor electrical systems are needed to start the backup to take over the O2 delivery. Everything is controlled by pressure.

L’Ospedale di Venaria Reale is the first of three installations that Oxymat has supplied to Italian hospitals. More installations are planned for 2018. The hospitals save a lot of money on O2 supply. The O2 is now produced on-site and not in a gas factory hundreds of kilometers away. No more O2 deliveries using big diesel driven trucks. In this way, the hospital also contributes to the reduction of O2 emissions.

Source: Oxymat