Plug Power Inc. is celebrating after its ReliOn integrated OSP solution has won first place in the Wireless Access Network (WAN) division at the CTIA’s annual Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards.

Plug Power’s ReliOn Integrated OSP solution is a significant advancement in wireless network power and communications systems, equipping telecom providers with a reliable single-cabinet solution for network power, hydrogen fuel cell backup power and communications equipment.

Plug Power’s integrated solution can save customers up to 33% on capital and operational expenses over generators by minimizing site footprint. In fact, this solution reduces the customer’s footprint by up to 87%. And with Plug Power’s GenFuel service, hydrogen refuels are made as convenient as diesel to customers.

The award-winning turnkey package was initially developed for SouthernLINC Wireless for use in its wireless network. SouthernLINC Wireless anticipates deploying as many as 500 new LTE sites utilizing the Plug Power ReliOn integrated solution, which includes fuel cell systems and bulk refillable hydrogen storage, DC plant rectifiers and distribution, battery technology and space for radio equipment, in an environmentally-hardened outdoor cabinet. This solution is available to all telecommunications carriers.

“Plug Power’s integrated ReliOn solution was developed with the high-reliability needs of the telecommunications market in mind,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power. “This solution provides users with a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable solution, and is packaged in a way that makes the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells simple for customers. I congratulate the entire innovative Plug Power team on this win.”