AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell provider, is celebrating success after the first amount of power generated by the KORE facility in Stade, Germany, was delivered to the power grid.

This achievement is the final test stage of proving and providing electricity to the German grid from the KORE system and confirms that AFC remains on target to deliver the world’s largest alkaline fuel cell system operating at an industrial facility later this year.

In the final stages of the power electronics tests, completed in collaboration with Siemens AG, power was delivered into the local grid at between 5.9 – 7.4kW, for a period of approximately one hour. This has generated test data which is required in preparation for the operation of at least 40kW from eight cartridges, comprising milestone 10 of the 11 point plan, scheduled for 2015. 

Adam Bond, AFC’s CEO, said, “With the KORE system successfully commissioned in July and the eight cartridges required for the delivery of Milestone 10 now having arrived in Stade, the trialling of the power electronics and connection to the power grid was one of the final stages of testing required before we deliver an initial 40kW from eight cartridges within the KORE system. We look forward to providing further updates when Milestone 10 is achieved.”