Paradox Resources has announced the first purified helium sales at the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant in Utah, US.

Houston-based Paradox also confirmed the full fractionation and cryo start-up in July of 2019 of the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant in San Juan County.

The Lisbon Valley Gas Plant began accepting and processing third party producer gas streams in July, 2019.

“With the recent shutdown of the only other plant in the region near Farmington, New Mexico, the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant is pleased to offer stranded producers the sales outlet and solutions they need to get their gas to market at a fair price,” Paradox said in a statement.

“The Lisbon Valley Gas Plant has a historical uptime percentage of 99% over the last 20 years, which is far superior to the shuttered Farmington plant’s historical uptime of about 80%. This serves to give recently stranded producers to the south, including producers on Navajo and Ute Lands, a more reliable outlet for their gas.”

“If commissioned to be built today, the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant would cost approximately $400m to build inclusive of the Helium Plant. It has been constructed in phases over the years by Large Cap Majors for varying types of challenging gas compositions, and can handle anything in the region, including high levels of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and nitrogen. The durability and flexibility of the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant led to the consummation of an R&D Joint Venture aimed at reducing emissions globally with the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, in the summer of 2019.”

According to Paradox’s website, the Lisbon Valley Plant has helium recovery capabilities of 500 MCF/day at 90% recovery and purification of 99.999% purity.