Hydrogen (H2) technology specialist Nel Hydrogen has inaugurated the first of a planned countrywide network of 20 H2 refuelling stations just outside of Norway’s capital city Oslo.

The site, which is located at one of the busiest highways in the Scandinavian country, features the company’s latest, compact and high-capacity H2Station® technology. The station’s dispenser has only one-third of the footprint compared to a conventional fuel dispenser for added integration flexibility.

The station is operated by Uno-X Hydrogen, a joint venture between the retail company Uno-X, Tier One player Praxair and technology provider Nel Hydrogen.

Uno-X Hydrogen plans to deploy a total of 20 H2 fuelling stations throughout Norway until 2020, with the network consisting of dedicated greenfield H2 stations as well as H2 stations integrated into conventional Uno-X gasoline stations. Praxair will supply the entire network with H2 via either onsite or centralised Nel Hydrogen electrolysers.

A pressurised electrolyser is due to be installed at the site during Spring 2017 to supply the station with renewable H2 from local photovoltaic solar power.

Uno-X was awarded a multi-million-dollar grant worth NOK 19.8m ($2.5m) in October to develop Norway’s H2 infrastructure from Norwegian public enterprise Enova SF.