Okra Energy has awarded the power generation contract for Peru’s first small-scale natural gas liquefaction (ssLNG) facility to Flesan Energía SAC, independent power production (IPP) specialists in end-user gas power generation solutions.

ssLNG facilities enable flexible and scalable energy delivery to areas without gas pipeline infrastructure. Okra Energy – through its Peruvian subsidiary Lantera Energy SAC – is finalising construction of its benchmark facility in Piura, located in northern Peru. The LNG plant is due to be operational by 1st July.

Under this long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), Flesan Energía, headquartered in Lima, is providing the installation and operation of gensets with the combined capacity of 2.8MW for Okra Energy’s LNG site in Colan, providing secure and reliable power to this first-to-market, high efficiency natural gas solution for remote areas.

According to Okra Energy’s CEO Louis Ravenet, Flesan was chosen from among more than 30 contenders throughout Chile, Peru and the United states. “By selecting Flesan Energía, we’re able to provide a higher level of energy security to our clients due to Flesan’s 24x7 supervision, maintenance and servicing of this critical component of an LNG facility.”