The UK based firm Flextraction has launched their new single station filter system complete with 75mm diameter local extractor arms and a powerful suction nozzle.

The Fumex LFK175 is designed to remove fumes, gases and atmospheric dust from the workplace quickly and effectively and claims to capture all forms of airborne contamination.

The LF175 is one of a series of Local Filter Kits (LFK) designed for use in a wide variety of applications including electronic equipment manufacturing, soldering, gluing, bonding, dental laboratories, moulding and TIG welding.

The key element in the Fumex design is the LF50PG-230 particle/gas fan and filter combination. The fan has a high power 195W, 230V 50Hz motor and is compact with an integral speed control operating at a very low noise level around 60 dB(a). The multi-stage filter utilises an H13 standard HEPA filter, separating parts to 99.99% for 0.3 µm particles. A 6.5 kg activated carbon filter then filters gases, vapours and other odours.

In addition, the Terfu local extractor arms have friction joints with ball bearings to make positioning easy and accurate. The arms stay in position when adjusted using adjustable plastic joints, 360° swivel, brackets, support springs and they comes supplied with an air tight damper. By design the arms are easy to clean with smooth aluminium tubes and easy to dismantle joints.

Furthermore,for the electronics industry and laboratories using combustible gases, an ESD version is available with ESD approval to EN 100015-1, where any static electricity is diverted to a special ground connection.