FLIR Systems Inc., has launched the FLIR GF620, the industry’s first high-definition, handheld optical gas imaging camera.

The GF620 sets a new standard for detecting and visualising invisible leaks of hydrocarbons, such as methane, and common volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The camera’s HD resolution GF620 helps inspectors survey for fugitive hydrocarbon emissions from further, safer distances than possible with lower-resolution OGI cameras.

Equipped with a 640X480 infrared detector, the camera is calibrated to measure temperature, allowing the user to assess the thermal contrast between the gas and the background scene, and adjust to improve visibility.

The FLIR GF620 also features the company’s unique high sensitivity mode, which accentuates plume movement to improve detectability in low-contrast scenes.

The new product also introduces Q-Mode, an automatic preset for use with the optional QL320 gas quantification system by Providence Photonics. The system quantifies hydrocarbon leaks with mass or volumetric measurements and colourises emissions for easier assessment.

The cameras Q-mode streamlines the workflow from the camera to the QL320 software, enabling users to download a video from the field and post-process the footage.

The GF620 also features an ergonomic design which allows users to safely inspect for fugitive emissions more comfortably for longer hours. It also enables maintenance crews to use the temperature measurement feature for inspecting electrical and mechanical components for signs of wear or potential failure.


Source: FLIR Systems, Inc