Flogas Britain has been offered the much sought after ‘first-fill’ from the new Isle of Grain LNG terminal in Kent, UK.

The National Grid-owned Isle of Grain facility is the largest LNG terminal in Europe, with a capacity of 15 million tonnes per year and ‘unrivalled’ access to the European gas market.

Next week (11th November) will see Flogas draw 20 tonnes of LNG (the equivalent of 1/3GW of energy) from the plant in its landmark first-fill.

Following this, Flogas will take 60-100 tonnes (1-1.5GW of energy) per day for distribution to major industrial manufacturing sites across the UK.

Flogas regards the privilege of the first-fill as recognition of its importance to the National Grid as its biggest LNG customer, and reward for setting the pace of LNG distribution in the UK.

The company currently leads the field in converting high volume oil burning businesses to LNG, and has designed and developed the largest LNG conversion project ever seen in the UK.

Rob McCord, Head of LNG at Flogas, said, “The Isle of Grain facility is vital to our strategic growth, and to the growth of the LNG sector in the UK. To be offered first-fill is a real honour and one in which we are extremely proud.”

“The future for LNG is very bright in this country, and we’re looking forward to working with National Grid and the Isle of Grain team to ensure that Flogas continue to be at the heart of the UK LNG market.”


Small-scale LNG opportunities

According to the official Grain LNG website, the project is actively exploring innovative ways of meeting the future strategic needs of its customers and, following the significant take-up of the Road Tanker Loading Facility, is also seeking to develop additional small-scale LNG marine distribution services.

Grain LNG is to launch an Open Season process to gauge market interest for the new offering and depending on regulatory and planning approvals, services could be available from late 2016.