Flow-Cal, the market leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, announces that it has entered into another corporate partners program with a prestigious Houston-area university.

Flow-Cal has recently partnered with the University of Houston and has joined its Friends of University of Houston Computer Science Program as a Gigabyte sponsor.

With the energy industry booming, Flow-Cal is rapidly growing and is subsequently increasing its headcount as they expand the organisation. To accommodate the welcomed growth, Flow-Cal has increased its recruiting efforts and partnered with several colleges and universities to seek out top-shelf recruits to fill open positions. Flow-Cal is now looking to expand its presence and relationship with the University of Houston, who’s Department of Computer Science offers a state-of-the-art education and a strong emphasis on research. The department is placed among the top 50 universities in the nation, according to two subjective rankings.

The University of Houston Department of Computer Science offers a number of programs to help students determine their career paths and employers to find the best workers. As a Friend of Computer Science, Flow-Cal will receive recognition by the department and be invited to all career and social events. With the Gigabyte sponsorship, Flow-Cal will host a Lunch and Learn, and a Tech Talk speaking engagement, where students can learn about Flow-Cal, the industry, and career opportunities within the company.

“We recognise that the U of H Computer Science program is second to none and provides graduates with the right background to be successful in our company,” said Michael Squyres, President and CEO at Flow-Cal, Inc. “With this recent partnership, we’re hoping to educate students on what we do for oil and gas and the career opportunities available at Flow-Cal.

Mr. Squyres explains, “The majority of our staff comes from technical backgrounds such as computer science and we already have a number of UH alumni in our organisation. The partnership between Flow-Cal and the university is an excellent fit.”

With the fall semester approaching, Flow-Cal is looking forward to meeting the computer science students and introducing the company and career opportunities.