Flow-Cal, Inc., measurement data management development company for natural gas and petroleum liquids, has announced that Flow-Cal Vice-President, Duane Harris, is the winner of the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) Memorial Award for his technical paper and presentation in 2016 discussing improving field calibration through integrated technologies.

Duane Harris, Flow-Cal Vice-President

Duane Harris, Flow-Cal Vice-President

Harris was presented with the award at the 92nd annual school, held at the Cox Convention Centre in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the 16th-18th May, 2017.

With Flow-Cal’s service to the industry as a measurement software provider, Harris is the non-industry award recipient in recognition for his dedication and commitment to authorship and instructional excellence in the classroom. The memorial awards are presented annually to an industry and non-industry partner in memory of former ISHM committee members.

Harris, an experienced energy sector professional, has more than three decades in gas measurement technology. He gained much of his experience as a Measurement Manager for a major pipeline company where he was responsible for overseeing all measurement functions and ensuring data integrity from the field to the corporate office. As Flow-Cal’s Vice-President of Business Development, Duane directs all customer-related initiatives for Flow-Cal’s gas and liquid product line. Additionally, Duane oversees the customer support department where he ensures consummate product performance and customer satisfaction.

“It is an immense honour to be recognised by such an esteemed organisation as ISHM for my paper and presentation on field calibration technology,” says Harris. “At Flow-Cal, we focus our efforts on developing applications for automating and streamlining measurement processes, both in the field and corporate office. It’s a passion of mine to help our industry identify new methods and technologies for improving measurement operations.”

Duane has led and holds a number of respected positions within the various measurement schools and committees around the country including current board member and former general chairman and president of the American School of Gas Measurement and Technology, as well as former president of the Gulf Coast Gas Measurement Society. He has also published several technical papers and presented numerous whitepapers at industry organisations, including ISHM.