Flow-Cal, Inc’s Hydrocarbon Measurement SME, Scott Tanner, attended a gala in Washington D.C. for the culmination of Saudi Arabian King Salman’s first official visit to the US since being crowned in January.

The exclusive reception was by invitation only and held on September 5, 2015 at the historic Mellon Auditorium.

The theme of the gala was to build on a 70-year relationship which began in 1945 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with King Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia aboard the USS Quincy. This landmark meeting mapped out a long lasting partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia and would shape the course of events in the Middle East for decades to come.

Tanner received an invitation to the reception hosted by Saudi Aramco due to his family’s affiliation with the company and the people of Saudi Arabia. Tanner grew up in Saudi Arabia where his father worked for Aramco as a Vice President of Operations.

The reception hosted a number of diplomats and high-ranking officials.

“I am honored to have received this opportunity to reflect on our historic ties,” says Tanner. “Saudi Aramco were gracious hosts, offering exceptional accommodations and an outstanding venue. It is clear that they value the partnership with American oil workers and will continue to build on these relationships formed decades ago.”

Tanner and Flow-Cal are forging relationships with the Middle East to share technological advancements in the field of hydrocarbon measurement and increasing the company’s international exposure.

Flow-Cal has been invited to participate in the second Kuwait Flow Measurement Technology Conference in November. Representing Flow-Cal, Tanner and colleague Duane Harris, VP of Business Development for Flow-Cal, will be presenting papers while at the conference. Additionally, Saudi Aramco and Flow-Cal are currently collaborating on a measurement integrity and industry best practices seminar.