Currently operating two manufacturing facilities in Coimbatore, India, Flowserve Corporation is to spend $30m in the expansion and upgrade of its facilities at the site.

While the two existing facilities at the campus produce a wide range of industrial and engineered pumps, the new investment will see a third facility added that will produce high-energy pumps used in nuclear and fossil fuel power plants.

The new facility is planned for completion in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to a Flowserve news release.

“The addition of this third manufacturing facility allows Flowserve to expand our Coimbatore product portfolio to include a broader range of engineered pumps,” said Tom Ferguson, President of Flowserve Flow Solutions Group.

“This key strategic initiative will give Flowserve a local source for high-energy pumps and allow us to participate in the rapid growth in both the nuclear and fossil fuel power generation markets in India.”

The power generation market in India is rapidly expanding with a significant number of nuclear and fossil fuel power plants planned over the next two decades, Flowserve explains. To meet this expansion, a large number of boiler feed water pumps, cooling water pumps and a variety of other high-energy pumps are needed.

In addition to the power generation expansion, companies are investing several billion dollars to construct new petroleum refining capacity in India within the next few years.

Flowserve Corporation is a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets. Including joint ventures, Flowserve employs approximately 2,500 people in India.