Linde has for the first time provided a group-wide account of its commitment to the four strategic areas of action: the environment, human resources, society and the capital market.

Hereafter, the corporate responsibility report will be an integral component of yearly reporting, alongside the annual report and interim reports.

Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, president and CEO of Linde, said: \\$quot;As a global player, we can only achieve success if our profit-oriented action is balanced by the cornerstones of sustainable management - that means environmental protection and social commitment.

\\$quot;Over the past few months we have reinforced this commitment to corporate responsibility, making it a fundamental component of our corporate strategy and culture.\\$quot;

Head of corporate responsibility, Marc Weisener, added: “Linde has been working on the report half an year, however, the group has been working on other similar organisational issues since last autumn.”

The colourful report is available to download from the link below.

For further information:
Corporate Responsibility Report