An emission-free generator powered by clean hydrogen was used at the Austrian Formula 1 round that took part in July this year.

Following a development agreement signed alongside Test-Fuchs GmbH, Auto AG Group, and hydrogen and methanol fuel cell provider SFC Energy AG (SFC), the event featured the mobile, emission-free H2Genset generator. 

Used to provide a reliable and autonomous supply of power to a mobile merchandising sales booth at Austria’s Red Bull Ring, H2Genset was equipped with an EFOY hydrogen fuel cell capable of supplying a peak power rating of 10 kW and a continuous power rating of 5 kW. 

The technology enabled a clean supply of energy to the booth’s cash terminal – essential for purchasing merchandise – in addition to powering its lighting and refrigeration capability. 

The clean technology provides power without reliance on the grid.

The clean technology provides power without reliance on the grid.

Source: H2Genset

Having sold more than 55,000 units of its award-winning products globally, SFC aims to continue its drive towards global decarbonisation and ‘race-to-zero’. 

“Formula 1 has also set ambitious goals in 2019 with ‘Net-Zero Carbon by 2030’ and only recently promised to use 100% sustainable fuels from 2026,” commented Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO, SFC. 

“With our H2Genset, which we developed in collaboration with our partners Test-Fuchs and Auto AG, we operated an emission-free merchandising booth together with the Red Bull Ring.” 

Taking place over three days, the race weekend allowed the partners to gain valuable data that will be used to optimise future products, such as its initial three models of the H2Genset – with peak power outputs of 10 kW to 20 kW – and a fourth 50 kW model set for release in 2023.