One of the largest independent industrial and specialty gas companies in China, Foshan Huate Gas Co. Ltd, has resolved to undergo a rebrand as Guangdon Huate Gas Co. Ltd.

The name change is driven by a desire to promote the self-development of the company and ‘enhance the competitiveness of enterprise’.

The move was decided upon at the company’s first general meeting of shareholders on 22nd June 2015, where it was resolved that the nature of the company Huate Gas will be changed to an incorporated company. Following approval by the Foshan Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration, Foshan Huate Gas Co., Ltd. promptly became Guangdong Huate Gas Co., Ltd.

The internal organisational structure will remain unchanged, gasworld understands, and Guangdong Huate Gas will take up all businesses of the original company. All contracts signed by the original company remain in force.