Construction of eight hydrogen (H2) refuelling stations for vehicles has started in Foshan City of Guangdong province in China, according to local news media.

Together with the two existing ones, Foshan City will have 10 H2 stations in operation by next year and will become the city with most H2 stations in China.

The investment of each station ranges from RMB 1.3m ($ 0.2m) to RMB 29.9m ($ 4.4m).

Among the eight stations, one is a newly constructed one, the others are retrofits of gas stations or LPG refuelling stations. In the future, the stations will have gas refuelling, H2 refuelling, and electrical recharging in one station.

The Foshan municipal government has also clearly stated that, during 2018 to 2019, 1000 H2 fuel cell public buses will be put into operation and 28 H2 stations will be built.