Foster Wheeler AG’s Milan-based subsidiary has been awarded a contract for engineering consultancy services related to a planned carbon capture & storage facility in the Netherlands.

Foster Wheeler Italiana S.p.A was awarded the contract by the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI), for the provision of consultancy services related to RCI’s planned carbon capture, storage (CCS) and utilisation solution in the Rotterdam region.

While the value of the contract was not disclosed, it is perhaps of more interest that the CCS facility is in progress in the first place.

Established in 2007, RCI is a collaboration between the City of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Port Authority, Deltalinqs (a representative of the plant operators), and DCMR Environmental Protection Agency of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region.

RCI aims to achieve a 50% reduction in the Rotterdam region’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2025, relative to 1990. RCI aims to achieve this goal by improving energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy production, and via a carbon capture, utilisation and storage initiative, involving the major CO2 emitting companies of the Rotterdam Port area.

Captured CO2 can often be utilised for a variety of applications, either captured and simply stored underground, liquefied for eventual use in the food & beverage industry, or perhaps even used for injection into oil recovery fields.

Foster Wheeler will support RCI in the economic and technical validation of engineering plans for carbon capture facilities to be developed by each individual CO2 emitter located in the Rotterdam Port area.