A subsidiary of Foster Wheeler’s Global Engineering and Construction Group has been awarded contracts by SOCAR & TURCAS Rafineri A.S. (STRAS) for its planned grassroots refinery in Turkey.

The refinery is to be built within the Petkim Petrokimya A.S. (PETKIM) facilities at Aliaga, Turkey. For its part, Foster Wheeler will cover overall front-end engineering design (FEED) for the new refinery.

As well as overall FEED services, the subsidiary will also take care of the license and basic design package for the delayed coker, which will use Foster Wheeler's leading SYDECSM delayed coking technology.

The planned new facility will have a capacity of 214,000 barrels per stream day (BPSD). Naphtha and fuel oil from the hydrocracking unit will be delivered to PETKIM for petrochemical use.

The refinery will include crude and vacuum distillation units, naphtha hydrotreating, a 40,000 BPSD delayed coking unit, a 66,000 BPSD hydrocracking unit, kerosene and diesel hydrotreaters, LPG caustic treatment units, a 28,000 BPSD continuous catalytic reformer, a saturated gas unit, an amine and sour water stripper, sulfur and tail gas treatment units, and a 160,000 Nm3/h hydrogen unit.

The SYDECSM process as configured for this project will be designed to maximise clean liquid yields, while minimising fuel coke yields. Foster Wheeler's scope of work under these contracts is expected to be complete by the end of 2010.