Foster Wheeler’s has won a contract to design and supply a solar steam generator system and associated solutions to a plant located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Though contract terms remain undisclosed, the value was included in the company’s third quarter 2010 results and Foster Wheeler has received notice to proceed on the contract. The equipment supplied will be integrated into a solar thermal power plant using parabolic trough technology and will have an installed power output capacity of 100 MWe. Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2011.
Eric Svendsen, Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler, remarked, “This solar thermal power plant represents one of the first steps toward the introduction of sustainable energy sources in the region, representing a strategic development for this country.
“The expanded ‘boiler island’ scope for the project’s solar steam generation equipment reflects our client’s recognition of and confidence in Foster Wheeler’s technology and execution leadership in the solar power market.”
Within the contract, Foster Wheeler has agreed to provide a complete solar steam generator system; including pre-heaters, drum-type evaporators and super heaters. Alongside this, the company will also provide interconnecting piping, valves, primary I&C, steel structure and site advisory services for the new Abu Dhabi system.