The two separate contracts were awarded by UTE Africa Solar and UTE Termosolar Olivenza. Both projects have already been initiated and are scheduled to complete during 2012.

Jesus Marti, CEO of Foster Wheeler Energie, S.L. in Madrid described the deals as, “Recognition of our commitment to solar energy and our client's confidence in Foster Wheeler as a reliable thermal solar equipment supplier.$quot;

The first contract, with UTE Africa Solar, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) group covers La Africana Solar Thermal Power Plant in Fuente Palmera. Contract terms stipulate that Foster Wheeler will supply steam-generating components such as feedwater heaters, pre-heaters, evaporators, superheaters and re-heaters for a single 50 MWe train thermal plant.

Furthermore, the equipment will be integrated into a concentrated parabolic trough thermal solar plant using molten salts to store the sun's energy and provide additional hours of plant operation without sun radiation.

Foster Wheeler will also provide site advisory services during the plant's commissioning phase, although the equipment is scheduled to be delivered for the second quarter of 2012.

The second of the two contracts is with UTE Termosolar Olivenza; a joint venture created by Acciona and Seridom. The project, located in Olivenza, Badajoz in Spain, is of a similar scope to that with UTE Africa Solar. The plant is projected to measure 50 MWe and will consist of two 25 MWe trains. Similarly, Foster Wheeler is expected to harness its innovacy with the parabolic trough technology and thermal oil as the heat transfer fluid.

Equipment is scheduled for delivery slightly earlier than at the Fuente Palmera facility, reaching completion by the first quarter of 2012.