Industrial gas specialist the Messer Group has declared construction is underway for its new production facility for air gases, at the site of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke in Siegen-Geisweid.

Ongoing foundation work is taking place and between the end of June and the end of August, almost 200 steel pipes, each 50cm in diameter, are being driven 10m into the ground at the building site.

These form part of the foundations that will support the 60m-high cold box of the production unit for oxygen, nitrogen and argon, with work being carried out jointly by local building contractors Quast and Hundhausen.

Messer is investing around €35m in the construction of the new air separation plant on the site of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, and Project Manager Dirk Giesecke from Messer Group GmbH in Krefeld commented, “We deeply regret that high levels of noise are currently being generated on our construction site. However, the ground conditions make pile foundations necessary in order to ensure the stability of the structures.”

“We are right on schedule and have already completed a quarter of the work. The noise problems are not expected to continue beyond the scheduled completion date.”

In June of this year, the largest owner-managed industrial gases specialist awarded construction contracts worth around €3.4m to contractors in the North Rhine-Westphalian region around Siegen.

Until the plant starts producing air gases for customers in the region from autumn 2009, skilled employees from Siegen-based companies will be working on the building site every day, Messer notes.