The UK welding consumable and equipment supplier, Weldability-SIF, has published a new compressed gases handbook.

As regular readers of gasworld will be aware, we like to keep abreast of the latest information regarding industry safety. Consequently, we welcomed the opportunity to alert you to a belated Christmas gift - a free compressed gases safety guide, courtesy of Weldability-SIF.

'Compressed Gases Safety Handbook' - The latest trade tool in safety has been written in collaboration with the BCGA (British Compressed Gases Association) Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes. It can be obtained free of charge and is released as an educational aid to industry operatives.

What does it cover?
The new 64 page, conveniently sized A5 book, covers in detail the properties of the most common gases, the types of regulators used and safety checks required, the importance of flashback arrestors, as well as the handling and use of oxy-fuel cylinders.

Additional content includes information about manifold systems, safe storage and transportation of cylinders, and data regarding both the properties and hazards of cryogenic gases.

Further details about the handbook and Weldability-SIF may be obtained from the company website: