Mehrer Compression GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of oil-free piston and diaphragm compressors worldwide. For 130 years the company from Southern Germany has been setting standards in gas and air compression.

Due to its failsafe, efficient and absolutely oil-free compressors, Mehrer Compression GmbH is a renowned partner for the process engineering industry, the process gas industry, as well as in the energy and environmental sector.

Tomorrow’s energy at high pressure

A key element of the energy transition are technologies which generate and utilise hydrogen, as its combustion generates merely water.

Whether the generation of hydrogen takes place using biomass via a synthesis gas, via the splitting of water with electricity and heat, or via the reformation of natural gas, each manufacturing process poses its own challenges. These in turn result in significant requirements which technical systems must fulfil during the compression, as well as for the efficient use of the energy carriers, such as needing installations to be free of oil or requiring specific storage pressures.

Thanks to their individual process and user-specific designs, the single and two-stage dry-running piston and diaphragm compressors from Mehrer Compression offer optimal efficiencies, even in applications involving hydrogen. Due to their modular design and drive capacities of 3-350 kW, they can be integrated into a wide variety of installations. With its wide product portfolio, Mehrer Compression offers both systems in the low-pressure range as well as solutions with extremely high final pressures of up to 1,000 bar, allowing various industrial applications involving hydrogen to be implemented.

Absolutely oil-free compression

With its clear statement of an ‘absolutely oil-free compression’, Mehrer provides clients with the certainty that no complicated downstream cleaning procedure is required for the gas later on in the process. Decades of experience in dealing with wet or particularly dry gases means that Mehrer compressors have an edge for use in hydrogen applications.

mehrer Compression

Source: Mehrer Compression

As a market leader, Mehrer Compression GmbH produces all process-relevant components of its compressors in-house. This ensures consistently high quality, which, in combination with the great degree of flexibility when it comes to product design, also allows the company to tailor its solutions to customer needs.

Various successful hydrogen projects

For example, Mehrer compressors have already been successfully used in client applications where hydrogen is produced using a steam electrolysis process. In order to ensure that the resulting gas saturated with water vapour does not damage the compressor, the water particles need to be eliminated during its ongoing operation.

A step-by-step removal of these water particles is made possible by a compressor package with the corresponding design featuring automatic condensate discharge units. Particularly dry gases, on the other hand, result in other requirements which compressor systems need to fulfil. In Mehrer’s piston compressors, for example, seal materials continuously developed over many years are used. The wear behaviour of these materials does not differ from that of seals for wet gases.

Due to the various established electrolysis variants on the market, compressors constantly need to fulfil new requirements. In the field of mobility, oil and leak-free Mehrer diaphragm compressors are already being used in the largest hydrogen fuelling stations worldwide. In this context, the filling of the buffer tank with extremely high pressures of 350-1,000 bar combined with high delivery rates needs to be realised in order to ensure short refuelling times for cars, buses and industrial vehicles. To this end, Mehrer is constantly obtaining feedback from producers and equipment manufacturers in order to constantly optimise the individual components.

In addition to numerous other successfully implemented industrial projects, Mehrer compressors are also used worldwide in a wide range of pilot and demonstration systems for hydrogen compression. Research institutions such as the e-gas facility in Werlte/Germany use the compressors for methanation applications (Power-to-Gas). The hydrogen generated here is buffered with the use of the Mehrer compressors and methanised via the addition of carbon dioxide.

Due to the company’s broad expertise in dealing with other flammable and, in some cases, toxic process gases such as biomethane or carbon dioxide, as well as the long-term stability of the installations, Mehrer’s oil-free compressors are also used in many other areas of application involving hydrogen and its solutions are contributing greatly to driving forward the energy transition.