Noblegen Products on-site liquid nitrogen generators eliminates the need for on-going deliveries of LIN, reduces the waste from boil off and is a safer alternative to conventional liquid nitrogen deliveries.

With 25 years in the design and manufacture of PSA nitrogen gas systems the latest product range from Noblegen Products is its ‘Khione’ on-site liquid nitrogen generators, allowing users to produce their own LIN as and when required. Comprising of a PSA nitrogen generator to produce high quality gas down to a dew-point of -60°c the gas is then liquefied into and stored in a vacuum insulated storage dewar ready for use.

There are many advantages to producing your own liquid nitrogen using the LN range:-

  •   Produces LN2 at least half the cost of delivered liquid nitrogen, based on the average kilowatt hour charge with no delivery or rental charges.
  •   Waste from boil off is reduced to a minimum with the cold-head production and storage design.
  •   Automated software written specially for these system ensures safe, reliable and uninterrupted production.
  •   As the internal PSA nitrogen gas system vents oxygen, it mixes with any nitrogen boil-off gas to assist in keeping the atmosphere equalised, this cannot happen with a liquid nitrogen storage dewar which only contains nitrogen.

The generators are ideal for remote and difficult locations such as city centres and where liquid nitrogen deliveries and storage is dangerous. With sales worldwide to the likes of Mongolia, Slovakia, Germany and NHS Trusts in the UK many more liquid nitrogen users are seeing the advantages in producing their own liquid nitrogen. Typical applications are IVF and blood banks for freeze storage, dosing and material treatments to name a few.