FreezPak Logistics has selected Plug Power’s full-service GenKey solution for its new cold storage distribution centre freezer warehouse under construction in Carteret, New Jersey.

The GenKey deployment includes 25 GenDrive fuel cells, a GenFuel outdoor hydrogen storage infrastructure with two indoor GenFuel dispensers, and total GenCare service for both the fuel cells and hydrogen system. In addition, the contract includes a ten-year hydrogen supply agreement. Through the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells, FreezPak will present itself as a pioneer in the cold storage market.

Plug Power has placed great focus on its GenFuel business in 2015 as a path to expand its total addressable market within material handling. For this greenfield site in New Jersey, Plug Power developed a downsized fuelling infrastructure scaled to economically meet the needs of FreezPak. Success here is important, as it further proves that Plug Power is an experienced leader in hydrogen storage and dispensing systems.

The GenDrive-powered fleet mix consists of class-3 units for pallet jacks and class-2 units for reach trucks. Plug Power has already manufactured and shipped the entire order, which will begin supporting FreezPak’s facility following its opening, planned for the second quarter of 2015. The GenFuel installation is also targeted for completion during the second quarter.

Cold storage applications represent a sweet-spot for Plug Power’s GenDrive units. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which display significant performance degradation in cold temperatures, GenDrive fuel cells perform at maximum operation in environments as low as -22◦F. Furthermore, performance of GenDrive fuel cells will not diminish over the life of a full operations shift. Battery changes are eliminated and FreezPak operators will refuel the units themselves in just minutes at strategically placed GenFuel dispensers onsite. As an industry leader, FreezPak will be empowered by its GenKey installation to improve productivity and output for each shift, streamlining processes and improving product speed to market.

“This FreezPak deployment is modest in size compared to other GenKey customer sites,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power. “Previously, the cost of hydrogen was a barrier for smaller operations. Plug Power worked together as partners alongside FreezPak to develop and install a mini-GenFuel system, making the very real operational and productivity benefits of hydrogen fuel cells a reality for smaller fleet customers, like FreezPak.”

Brothers, Michael and David Saoud are co-owners of FreezPak Logistics. “FreezPak sees the use of Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells as a way to bring green technology to our new facility, and a means to improve our operations and better serve customers,” said David.

Michael continued, “FreezPak is committed to investing in and adopting sustainable solutions that will allow us to enhance our operations and successfully compete with other cold storage service providers.”

The use of GenDrive to power the lift and reach truck fleet in its new facility will allow FreezPak to operate with increased efficiency and remain flexible to customer demands. The state-of-the-art centre will feature a pallet freezer and loading dock enlarged with real-estate not being occupied by a battery room. The facility is conveniently located within 5 miles of the New York and New Jersey ports.

About FreezPak Logistics

For over 50 years Saoud Enterprises, owners and operators of FreezPak, has faithfully and proudly served the food industry. As a family business, our approach to relationships is different. Highly personal and professional, we have built our business on the longstanding trust of our customers for more than a half-century.

FreezPak Logistics is one of the leading full-service cold and dry storage providers in the United States focused completely on delivering your products to market efficiently with market-leading quality. Our proximity to ports and major highways makes our service efficient and easy. With 10 million cubic feet, FreezPak Logistics facilities include the newest state-of-the-art, near-port facility in Carteret, New Jersey and Paterson, New Jersey. Both are only minutes away from the largest port on the eastern seaboard and major highways.