FuelCell Energy Inc. has participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony alongside legislative officials, to celebrate the commissioning of a multi-megawatt combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell plant at Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

Attendance included Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and Commissioner Robert Klee of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The event took place at Amity Regional High School, where the fuel cell plant is generating 2.2 megawatts of continuous power and usable heat in an environmentally-friendly manner. The fuel cell plant is owned by Avangrid (NYSE:AGR) and was designed, manufactured and installed by FuelCell Energy.

The fuel cell plant will be the sole power source for a state-of-the-art town microgrid, supplying 2.2 megawatts (MW) of continuous clean power to the electric grid under normal operation, and switching to microgrid-mode in the event of a grid outage to provide uninterrupted and reliable power to seven of Woodbridge’s critical facilities.

Dr. Charles Dumais, superintendent of the Amity Regional School District number five, commented, “We view this project as a triple win including clean power for the community, reduced financial impact on the district, and educational opportunities for our students from this innovative fuel cell power generation.”

Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy, concurred, “This project is a great example of how municipalities can align with utilities to enhance their critical power infrastructure with clean and affordable distributed power generation.”

“This project also demonstrates the unique ability to site large amounts of predictable power in well-populated and compact areas due to the clean, quiet, unobtrusive nature of our fuel cell plants,” he added.