Fuel cell technology company FuelCell Energy (FuelCell) and energy giant ExxonMobil have extended their Joint Development Agreement through April 2022 to continue working together on carbonate fuel cell technology designed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial and power sectors.

In addition to the extension, the partners are discussing the potential for an ExxonMobil pilot in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and additional deployment of FuelCell’s carbon capture technology at ExxonMobil or third-party sites.

FuelCell’s technology works by capturing and concentrating CO2 streams from industrial sources using carbonate fuel cells. Combustion exhaust is direct to the fuel cell, producing power.

As well as continuing to negotiate the next phase of carbon capture development the partners are looking to use the opportunity as a chance to scale up FuelCell’s ‘unique carbon capture solution’. Jason Few, President, CEO, FuelCell, added, “Together, we have a great opportunity to scale and commercialise our unique carbon capture solution, one that capture CO2 from various exhaust streams, while generating additional power.”

ExxonMobil is looking to develop ‘breakthrough’ solutions not only in carbon capture, but in renewable sectors such as hydrogen and biofuels, according to Vijay Swarup, Vice President R&D, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company.