Fuelgarden LNG has been granted an LNG export approval by Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB), becoming the only company outside of Canada and the US to have been given such approval.

It will enable Norway-based Fuelgarden LNG AS to bring price-competitive LNG from Canada to clients internationally.

The LNG midstream service company is pursuing a strategy on being established in the main LNG markets, including North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Dag Lilletvedt, founder and CEO of Fuelgarden LNG, commented, “As an independent LNG sourcing provider and a global LNG project developer we are very pleased to have been granted this LNG export approval by the Canadian energy authorities.”

“HHP companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their fuel bill. With this approval we now have the possibility to source price-competitive LNG also from Canada, and to bring this LNG to end-users with our flexible and cost-efficient distribution solutions.”

The Canadian LNG can be transported with LNG ISO containers or LNG tankers, and can be exported to both FTA and non-FTA countries.

Lilletvedt added, “North America, with its low natural gas prices and transparent market place, is an interesting market for us to be in.”

“We are currently looking at various types of opportunities and co-operations in the Americas. This export approval gives us an additional opportunity, which we look forward exploring further.”


Fuelgarden LNG

Bergen-based Fuelgarden LNG is an independent LNG midstream service company providing sourcing and project development services to the small-scale LNG market.

The company’s customers are high horsepower (HHP) clients in the off-grid markets as well as LNG wholesalers and fuel terminal owners.