Fujitec International received an order for a gas supply system and construction of new 300mm wafer plant of Inotera Memories Plant.

Fujitec International, located in Hyogo pref., has concluded a contract with Inotera Memories, a Taiwanese producer of semiconductors, for a gas supply system, which involves a cylinder cabinet and a valve manifold box for their new plant, which will produce the 300 mm wafer. The contract also includes construction work.

This large order included 110 cylinder cabinets and 200 valve manifold boxes, totaling around ¥1.8 billion. Delivery is set for the end of March.

Inotera Memories, a producer of DRAM, is a joint venture that was established in 2003, with Infineon of Germany and Nanya of Taiwan each putting up 50% of the capital.They are bringing in the latest, 300 mm wafer process.During the first stage, they will complete a facility with a production capacity of 24,000 wafers a month.They are currently going ahead now with the second stage.After completion of construction, production will expand by 50,000 units a month. Fujitec International obtained the order for the gas system and construction work.

As far as Taiwan goes, the company established a local company in September 2000, and have expanded a comprehensive business not just for equipment, systems, and construction work but also to include services and maintenance.

They have already recorded sales to the leading Taiwanese semiconductor producers such as TSMC and UMC. As a spokesman from the company put it, 'We have established an ability to deal in a very thorough way and have achieved a reputation in terms of quality, and on time delivery. As a result of this, we were able to obtain the present large contract.'

The company has been moving along well in Japan too, received a contract to supply bulk gas supply systems to large liquid crystal plants. Sales for the period ending March 2006 are expected to reach their target of ¥3.4 billion, compared to the ¥2.2 billion of the previous term.

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