Iwatani’s new helium import and filling centre has successfully commenced start-up in Osaka, Japan. The plant is situated in the Suminoe Ward of Osaka and now offers the largest helium capacity of any plant in the country.
Total investment in the facility is being kept confidential, although it does offer a filling capacity straddled across three helium gas units, each with a capacity of 200 Nm³/h. Currently, annual production capacity stands at 2.5 million m³.
Iwatani anticipates that the plant will address the growing demand for high purity helium for use in the semiconductor sector.
The works is expected to deliver enough helium to meet the supply needs of Western Japan. Consequently, Iwatani has ceased importing containers to its helium centre in Sakai and Okazaki. The firm has also articulated its plans to expand helium sales in Asia based on the new import rights obtained in Qatar.