Cryovation, a custom manufacturer and installer of cryogenic liquid and industrial gas distribution systems, has constructed a customised fill plant for Maine Oxy, a leader in welding, industrial and specialty gases.

The system accommodates current and future volumes, extensive gas mixture variations, and fill technician cylinder control.

The linear fill upgrade was designed using Cryovation’s current pallet system, with cylinder inspections performed on the fill island by the fill technicians and more efficient cylinder handling to and from box trailers.

The fully automated system allows a variety of pure and mixed gas filling simultaneously, freeing the fill technicians to set up successive cylinder racks.

The upgraded fill plant includes a complete traversing manifold system, (2) touch-screen automated inert/mix and (1) oxygen control systems, fast vent/vacuum systems and automated helium cascading.

Each system is completely backed up with manual controls.