FumeVac, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of high pressure/high capacity systems to protect welders, has released a new weld fume source capture system.

The new FV-500-20 with Ergomax fume guns present a versatile solution for dust and fume control when welding.

The new innovation from FumeVac meets the ACGIH guidelines, as well as OSHA standards for mitigating harmful weld fumes, including manganese and hexavalent chromium.

“We see this new ErgoMax gun as a real game changer,” said Chris Bailey, President of FumeVac.


Source: FumeVac

“Welders who have previously tried fume extraction guns will definitely see and feel the improvements we’ve made. This is like nothing else on the market when it comes to ease of use and maximum source capture capability.”

The ErgoMax gun is lightweight due to its ability to move more air, effectively cooling the gun and allowing for a lighter design. It’s 360° ball-joint flexible design and ergonomic handle help reduce operator fatigue and enhance manoeuvrability and adaptability