Further news arrives fresh from the African continent, where the latest issue of the SACGA’s Gas Focus reports that there is to be more developments on the new PER legislation throughout this year.

The September issue of Gas Focus reported how the long-awaited Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) had been published, replacing the Vessels Under Pressure Regulations of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993.

The legislation covers the Categorisation and Conformity Assessment Criteria for all pressure equipment, and is modelled on the Pressure Equipment Directives (PED) used in Europe.

Now it’s known that the Department of Labour (DoL) has held a workshop in the Johannesburg area to explain this new legislation. However, it would appear that there are more questions than answers regarding the legislation and the DoL is to hold further workshops throughout South Africa in the first three months of 2010.

Once details of the workshops are known, the information will be circulated to SACGA (Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association) members, its Gas Focus publication notes. Due to the number of questions raised concerning the new Regulations, Question & Answer sessions have been held with the DoL and the Association of Inspection Authorities.

The latter has issued clarity on the questions raised and the answers put forward by the specialist DoL advisors will be published this year, after all the presentations throughout the country have taken place.

This additional publication should help the users of these new Regulations to interpret them more clearly.