Air Products is to increase the production of gaseous nitrogen and expand its nitrogen pipeline in the Gumi National Industrial Complex of North Gyeongsang Province, Korea.

The expansion will serve the increasing demand from photovoltaic (PV) and semiconductor manufacturers, amidst the growth of electronics customers in the country’s largest inland industrial complex.

Air Products will build a new nitrogen plant at its site in the Gumi National Industrial Complex 2 and will expand its nitrogen pipeline to Complex 5. The pipeline currently delivers nitrogen to nearly 20 long-term photovoltaic and semiconductor customers across Complexes 1 to 4.

The new plant is expected to be on-stream in the summer of 2012 and will serve the increasing needs of existing customers as well as new demand in Complex 5.

“Air Products has already secured a very strong position in the Gumi National Industrial Complex, and we are pleased to bring new capacity to this strategic industrial hub to support the growth plans of our customers,” said Wayne Mitchell, Vice-President and General Manager of Electronics Division, Air Products.

“We are proud to own and maintain nitrogen pipelines in leading Electronics regions around the world. This additional capacity provides our customers with a reliable supply in a very cost-competitive way. This is exactly what our customers are looking for from their suppliers.”

Gumi serves as a hub of local development and transportation, while the Gumi National Industrial Complex itself has been established as a centre for industries including electronics and semiconductors.

The announced expansion of its nitrogen pipeline in Korea follows the news in June that Air Products had successfully completed start-up of its new electronics facility, also in Korea. The Banwol facility produces materials that enable semiconductor manufacturers to create advanced generation devices such as tablet computers and smart phones.