Tiger Optics LLC, a leading manufacturer of laser-based trace gas and ambient monitors, has announced that it has received patents rights from the US Patent and Trademark Office for 5 new innovations of the company's patented continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CW CRDS) technology.

Demonstrating Tiger Optics' focus on research & development and commitment to expanding CW CRDS applications, the new advancements will enable Tiger Optics to offer more versatile and powerful sensors at a more attractive price point to a broader range of customers.

Furthermore, the new patents also improve analytical sensitivity and increase the range of species that can be measured, allowing Tiger Optics to expand beyond gas analysis into the field of liquid analysis.

Lisa Bergson, CEO for Tiger Optics, said of the new patents, “CRDS is an extremely versatile platform technology that addresses the need for fast, accurate, and highly sensitive molecular sensors at a very low cost of ownership. With our newest inventions, Tiger Optics not only enhances the power of CRDS technology with regard to gas analysis, but also widens its potential for medical and homeland security advancements.”

Following the breakthrough, Tiger Optics is now positioned to develop biological and chemical applications for such applications as Homeland Security and medical research, among others.

Considered as 21st century spectroscopy, CW CRDS was invented at Princeton University, with patents exclusively licensed to Tiger Optics in the early 1990’s and in early 2002 the company became the first to commercialize CW CRDS technology to enable faster and more accurate gas analysis at a lower total cost of ownership.