For the third time this year, Air Products has announced plans to increase prices of functional additives.

Further to January’s announcement that saw a trio of surfactants appreciate by six cents per pound, the North American industrial gases firm has publicised an additional price rise effective from 1st May 2011, or as contracts permit.

The latest increase will see prices of Tomamine® surfactant, Tomadry™ surfactant, Tomadyne™ surfactant, Tomadol® surfactant, Nonidet® surfactant and Nonatell® rise by five cents per pound.

These spring appreciations are more widespread than prior increases during 2011, effecting three more functional additives across the company’s line than January, and one further surfactant than the March rise.

Air Products has issued an official statement in which it attributed the price fluctuation to escalating raw material costs.