Dynetek Industries Ltd, a leader in developing, producing and marketing lightweight compressed hydrogen storage cylinders, has completed the delivery of the previously announced 450 bar Hydrogen Tube Trailer System to the Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilisation Project (IWHUP) in Canada.

The delivery of the Dynetek BT450 Tube Trailer System to the IWHUP project is a further demonstration of how Dynetek’s ‘Instant Infrastructure’ products can enable customers to refuel hydrogen-powered vehicles easily and cost effectively.

One of the hurdles identified in any widespread hydrogen economy is the refuelling infrastructure and the Bulk Transport Systems utilise removable modules to transport hydrogen to various usage points along British Columbia’s (B.C.) Hydrogen Highway. These modules are something of a key link between hydrogen production and the various points of use in the IWHUP.

Dr Christian Rasche, Dynetek’s president and CEO, commented, “This project is an example of how Dynetek has solved the refuelling challenge for hydrogen-powered vehicles, which are contributing to a cleaner environment today.”

The demonstration project will operate 8 light-duty trucks, hydrogen fuel cell cars and a hydrogen stationary power fuel cell, while Dynetek has also supplied cylinders for the project vehicles.

The 5 year IWHUP has over 20 partners and culminates with the 2 year fully integrated demonstration phase, key part of the BC Hydrogen Highway and strengthening Canada’s lead in the advancement and adaptation of hydrogen technologies.