Despite a slowdown in the LNG market, due to the reduced price per barrel of oil, the future looks bright for the five companies which constitute Dutch-headquartered The Rootselaar Group.

Founded in 1957 by Tim van Rootselaar with all the money he earned as a welder on Shell-refineries in Australia, the company began its path in the industrial gases sector. By the time the 80s arrived it had expanded into the manufacturing of LPG tanks, from small (500l) to bigger (100,000l) above ground, and later, underground/mounted.

Approaching its 60th anniversary, the group now consists of five companies – Tankbouw Rootselaar, Cryovat, Hadetec, Cryotech Asia, and Cryotech Middle East – which all provide a specific know-how to the overall company’s brand.

One of these companies, Cryovat, has just supplied a customer in Denmark with a 500 m3 LNG bunkertank.

Reflecting on this deal is CEO Wim van Rootselaar, who said, “Over the last 10 years we have been more involved in the engineering of tanks and have dealt with many of the Tier One companies.”

“With the price of LNG reducing in line with the price of oil, this market hasn’t become as lucrative as many were expecting but it’s not too much of an issue for us as we don’t rely to heavily on the success of this sector as it accounts for only a small part of our overall family-owned business. Even so, we do believe in a huge growth of the LNG market in the next years, although the start is still pending…”

“This market (LNG) is in its infancy, and there are no universal standards that manufacturers have to adhere to. But we imagine it won’t be long before this changes,” claims Rootselaar, who added,

“However we should be able to serve should this be the case. Our aim is to provide everything that our customer requires, which usually we can provide due to the various other businesses which work together to form The Rootselaar Group.”