Hitech Instruments, a UK-based gas analyser company, is offering a range of instruments to monitor fuel purity, potentially explosive levels of oxygen and other impurities in sustainable energy production, such as syngas and biomass waste.

With energy economics leading the way, syngas, gasification, fuel cells, biomass waste have become industry buzzwords nowadays.

There are countless new projects as people turn to sustainable ways of producing energy, with the fuel produced then used to drive engine generator sets.

Hitech Instruments manufactures number of gas analysis products and a range of configurations are available, from general purpose, single gas analysers to multi-parameter instruments dedicated to specific applications.

Thermal conductivity sensors are ‘excellent’ for hydrogen measurement, special galvanic cells with hydrocarbon and acidic gas tolerance are generally used for oxygen analysis whilst methane detection is by infrared sensors.

The company draws on over 25 years of experience in the field of gas analysis product, with Hitech Instruments part of the MTL Group of companies.